Always taking steps to ensure that everyone is safe on the job.

Our internal “Take 2” safety philosophy is based on the approach of “taking two steps back, two deep breaths and two extra minutes” to stop, evaluate and ensure the safety and protection of individuals, equipment and the environment.

At H&H our number one goal is total safety. This means that we  meet and exceed the industry  standards for safety for everyone  involved in our industry. All  personnel attend safety training and seminars  that provide thorough education for awareness  and best practices.

Safety is strictly observed and monitored by  all leadership within and around our operations  24/7. We also practice our internal “Take 2  Safety Program” to review and monitor safety  actions, providing safe and efficient projects  that benefit our company, our employees, our  customers and the environment.


  • DCA safety award winner and finalist
  • “IS Networld” compliant